Starbucks Copycat: Passion Tea Lemonade


Passion Tea Lemonade, and so easy to make.

Almost four times as much drink for a third of the price of a venti at starbucks.


– 2 Tazo tea “Passion” tea teabags ($5.75 here in Canada at Starbucks for 24 bags- will leave link below.)

– 2 liters hot water

– 1 can frozen yellow lemonade, thawed (can use pink lemonade but it will taste different)

– 1 cup sugar

1. Add thawed lemonade to a large 2 liter jug or pitcher. Then put in two teabags and fill the jug with hot water until it is filled to two liters. Let steep overnight (I put it in the fridge over night and it is well and good in the morning).

2. Then add your sugar. Stir and serve over ice.


The Tea:,en_CA,sc.html

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