REVIEW: Dempsters Gluten Zero

1616253AC_GlutenZero_Pinned_403x403 (2)

New gluten free bread

Though this bread has yet to be released, i got a bit of a sneak peak as my dad works for Canada Bread. So lets hop into the review:

PRICE: Not sure yet, as it has not  been put on shelves.

PACKAGING: very appealing, i love the bright colors of both whole wheat and white. they’re so cute and really make you feel happy. just look at them! Is that not attractive bread? Inside the bread bag the loaf is sealed in an airtight pouch to maintain its freshest self.

PORTIONS: the loaf itself is quite small, and so is are the slices, however, if you can’t normally eat bread then it doesnt really matter does it. It’s great as a special something.

TASTE: this tastes AMAZING. it tastes exactly just like your average gluten bread. It was really and truly great. i loved it. i had it as toast, i had it as a grilled cheese and i also had it as just bread and a sandwich. it didnt have that usual grainy gluten free texture. it was fluffy and soft for a long time. you just have to be sure to seal the bread bag again because if you leave the bread out it will go a bit crusty.

OVERALL: This bread was great. I think that the price will really make or break it though. We know that it will be more costly than the average loaf, but lets cross or fingers it will be less than back breaking.


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