REVIEW: Imperial Cinnamon Spread

cinnamonspreadBest. Invention. Ever.

Recently went to IHOP and had the cinnastack pancakes and they were just the so i tried to recreate them using this spread. Let us review:

PRICE: $2.99 at Target

PACKAGING: Comes in a little plastic tub, much like imperial margarine would. There isnt anything unappealing about it, unless youre against plastic. In which case, this might not be for you.

PORTIONS: it doesnt really have portions, but for the price you get a fair bit. 250 grams. It is quite a bit.

TASTE: OKAY, can i just say this is amazing. for real. it is superb. im a huge cinnamon lover and this is so versatile. We use it on pancakes, waffles, toast – anything you can use it on, i will use it on. It has a bit of a strange texture. The spread is like a butter but with the dryness of cinnamon. So it doesnt crumble, but it doesnt spread overly easy. However, when you put it on something warm it just melts. It is oh so great. We use it when we make pancakes and make pancake sandwiches. AWESOME.

OVERALL: It was well worth the price. It is packed full of flavor and can be used on or in anything. If you are looking to spice up a treat or a breakfast I highly suggest investing in this spread. If you are an avid cinnamonist, such as myself you cannot continue life until you get this stuff. Good work Imperial.


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