Chicken and Bacon Risotto


My number one comfort food in the entire world

This risotto is incredibly easy, and turns out absolutely delicious. its like a jacked up chicken noodle soup. Usually served as a side, however we turned this baby into a main.



– 2 chicken breasts, cubed (or more whatever you prefer)

 – 6 pieces of bacon, cut up as well

 – 3 cups arborio rice

 – 1.8l of chicken broth (or 2 900ml packages- we use campbells)

 – 1 concentrated chicken stock cube

– 1.5 cups (frozen) veggies



1. cook chicken in a pan, and then cook the bacon.

 2. In a deep (3in) pan, use a small amount of margarine, to brown the rice. once the rice has been slightly browned (it is very important to not make it too brown, cook it for 5 minutes maximum on a medium heat) add about 1-2 cups of broth. cover with a lid and let simmer for a few minutes, stirring constantly, throughout the whole process. (be careful if you arent using a non stick pan it WILL stick, which can be a B to clean)

 3. When some of the broth boils off add more. before you add the final amount of broth, add in the chicken stock cube (we add it towards the end so all the flavor doesnt boil off). after that has been added, add the rest of the broth, make sure the cube dissolves. cook until rice is tender.

4. As soon as you feel the rice is cooked enough, you can now add the chicken (and frozen veg).

5. If you chose to add veggies make sure that they have thawed in the risotto or before hand – no one likes cold, wet and half frozen veg!



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