Salted Caramel Mocha

photo 4 

Nice and easy salted caramel mocha for those cold winter days

Now you don’t have to spend $7.00 on Starbucks


– 1 packet of instant hot chocolate (I use Rolo hot chocolate but any caramel hot chocolate will suffice)

– 1/2 mug regular black coffee (or flavored if you prefer)

– 1/2 cup hot or warm milk

– 2 tbs caramel sundae topping

–  1 pinch sea salt

– whipped topping (I chose to make my own)

1.Prepare your coffee and put aside

2. In coffee mug pour in your packet of hot chocolate then fill the mug half way with coffee and stir

3. Heat the milk until desired temperature and add to the coffee/ hot chocolate mixture and add a little bit of salt.

4. Pour caramel sauce into the mug and stir vigorously

5. Dress with whip, caramel and sea salt


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